Father’s day is right around the corner and many people might have already become fathers or are about to become a parent. Being a parent not only comes with all the good things and happiness in life. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities as well. It is a known fact that for new parents, it is not easy at all to manage their kid’s development and other things associated with parenthood.  

To make things easier for you, many fathers took the initiative of creating different apps that are packed with all the essential information and checklists of things you need as a parent. To keep everything in place and streamlined for yourself and your spouse, you can download some essential apps using Xfinity Internet service. One of the best ways to make your internet service more affordable can use it with your Cable TV and Home Phone as Spectrum Triple bundles. This way, you don’t have to pay for each service separately. Let’s have a look at the different apps that you can use as an upcoming father:

Asianparent: Pregnancy + Baby

The app is more like a place for resources and communities and helps you with your journey as a father. You can track pregnancy, work on the development of your child, and share your experience as a parent. There is an abundance of information on different topics like pregnancy, baby development, parenting, and your life as a dad. One of the best things that you can find in the app is a community of experienced individuals who share tips and expert advice and support you in almost every way.

You can become your spouse’s best support during pregnancy using the pregnancy tracker and get help with your baby’s names, food guide, and other information. You can also track your baby’s growth every day until they get to the age of 7. There is a section for parents where they can securely share pictures

App Store Rating: 4.8

Super Dad – App for new dads

The app provides great help to dads-to-be. No matter at what stage of parenthood are you, the app is a perfect aide that can help you get through from the early stages to the time beyond your kid’s birth. Super Dad – App for new dads is full of serious guides for people looking for pregnancy, feeding, diaper changes, and checklists of things you need to get done with as a new parent.

The app can help you with the different aspects of child development making things easier for you to address different issues related to parenthood. The design of the app is created keeping in mind the decisions you have to make and some money, your time, and stay stress-free. You can share pictures, spend less time on the phone and more time with your baby

App Store Rating: 5.0

Nara Baby Tracker

This is one of the best apps for upcoming dads and dads who are planning to have a baby. Your baby needs comfort and parents do almost everything to schedule their baby. The app is very fuss-free, intuitive, and sharable across different devices. This means that you can take care of the other things regarding your parenthood. The app is more like a shared hub that can keep a track of most of the things regarding your baby.  

The app is very useful for caregivers and parents alike and can help you log different activities throughout your day. This includes different schedules, communication, and many other aspects of parenting and your baby’s day at home. You can add sessions for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding sessions, your baby’s sleep, and diaper changing. All of this is possible with just a few taps on the screen. You can also use the app to review your entire day using an easy-to-read log and share it with the individual authorized by you.

App Store Rating: 4.9

Daddy Up

If you are a new father, you might not be able to figure things out by yourself. Things get a little off-hand if you are a young individual and want some answers to questions from the experts. This app can help you get some practical information about parenthood and the different aspects of being a father. Using Daddy Up, you get size comparisons for your baby, a journal to log important information, a contraction counter, and many other important leads regarding parenthood.

You can also receive guides from dads and learn from their experiences. All in all, Daddy Up is a very handy and easy-to-use tool to make your fatherhood more fun and exciting

App Store Rating: 4.6


The app provides new daddies with one of the most speedy ways to prepare themselves for fatherhood. The app reviews a topic that might take hours for people when they start looking for information. The app gets you a breakdown of things, gets you something as short as a 3-minute read, and entertains you throughout different topics. B

You need to be confident enough to become a talented and accomplished father by getting you a weekly well-researched summary of different parenting topics. There are weekly updates on your baby’s weight, size and development functions and are meant to educate fathers.

App Store Rating: 4.7

DadToBe: Expecting Dad

This is a great app for people who are about to become fathers and want to get different aspects of their baby and wife’s health. You can get support and tips about your spouse while she is expecting a baby using different informative tools.

Baby’s development is a helpful pregnancy tracker for new dads as they can track down the baby’s size including daily notifications about the baby and the mother. To get you more motivation and lessons about fatherhood, the app has some quotes for you that can help you throughout your parenthood journey.

App Store Rating: 5.0


In the end, one can say that there are so many phases of being a father. The apps discussed above can be a great gift for a friend or family member who is about to become a father.

For iOS users, apps and fun activities can keep things easier for fathers to follow different instructions, and have a closer look at the baby and the mother’s health and other conditions. You can easily find the motivation you need to become a better father.