A description of how YouGov’s tools will aid in examining consumer opinions toward the World Cup and patterns of consumption associated with it.
According to YouGov Global Fan Profiles, the FIFA World Cup surpasses the multi-sport competition in some markets and attracts almost as much interest globally as the Summer Olympics. In this article, we go into further detail on how popular the World Cup and the Olympics are.

An in-depth look at World Cup supporters’ profiles will be one of the subjects we will cover in more detail over the upcoming weeks. This can assist marketers using the event to better understand how to tailor their campaigns and effectively reach their target demographic.

We will also take a sneak glimpse at the kinds of sponsorships that World Cup viewers are most likely to notice using our syndicated data tools.

Another article will examine the media formats they choose to use to follow sporting events. How much more likely is it, for instance, that younger FIFA World Cup fans will choose to watch online streaming than traditional media? By how much, and what percentage of fans are likely to discuss the event on social media?

We will examine current consumer views toward World Cup-related brands in the UK and the US using YouGov BrandIndex and continue to monitor metrics as the event progresses.

Even though it is a sporting phenomenon, the World Cup affects a wide range of industries. To stay current, YouGov will focus its coverage of the event on audience intelligence from a number of industries, such as consumer intelligence on gambling, snacking preferences, audience interest in the FIFA 23 video game, and how it relates to the event’s expanding buzz.

Additionally, we will generate consumer insights on a few thornier issues, not the least of which is how people feel about Qatar hosting the tournament. The human rights history of Qatar, the host nation for the competition, has been a source of controversy even before it began. Several players, including England captain Harry Kane, will wear rainbow armbands during their World Cup games to show their support for inclusivity and diversity. Recently, the tournament’s kit sponsor for Denmark, Hummel, displayed their attire with fading emblems in “protest against Qatar and its human rights record.”

What do the supporters think of Qatar hosting the tournament, and how does that affect how they view it? More significantly, do customers anticipate brand opinions on the subject? YouGov will provide the answers to these concerns through a global survey conducted across a variety of 18 distinct markets across five continents. This information is crucial for advising marketers on how to handle this tricky scenario.

A huge opportunity to promote companies to audiences is the World Cup. YouGov will provide the consumer insight that companies need to target, organise, and monitor their events-related campaigns and activations.