Milwaukee is one of the best cities for fun and excitement and knows how to get the whole family involved. Luckily for kids, there are countless interesting stops you can make while you’re in town to have them laughing and burning off some energy.

These are the top destinations for any family with kids in Milwaukee!

To Inspire Creativity

Helping your kids learn to be creative and have fun doing it is one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. Unfortunately, it can be hard to spark their interest in a museum or art gallery, so instead, it’s a great idea to show them art in areas they might not expect it! 

On the Milwaukee Riverwalk, you can show your kids the countless pieces of street art and temporary installations that make this area so beautiful. This walk goes along the Children’s Theater and Milwaukee Ballet, but your kids will be in awe at all of the art that’s on structures that usually go undecorated.

To Have Lots of Fun

Any kid that’s been patient while you hunted for Milwaukee houses for sale deserves to have fun and cut loose for a while! Head over to Kayla’s Playground. This incredible playground is fully accessible to parents and children and offers a ground-level merry-go-round that wheelchairs can fit on!  

There’s everything from swings to slides and a full city that’s child-sized to allow them to play out being a chef, a fireman or even check out the free little library for kids. There’s only one entrance and exit, and everything is splinter-free, which makes this a fun and safe stop.

To Burn Off Energy

If you want your kids to burn off any energy that’s overwhelming them, it’s time to stop at Lakeshore State Park! This park is on Lake Michigan and has countless safe walking trails, a small beach, and almost two miles of hiking. This gives kids space to run off energy while offering endless beauty.

To Educate a Little

Why not stop into one of the thirteen Milwaukee Public Library branches? Here you’ll get to learn about facts, check out library art, and enjoy the countless fun hiding spots that are littered throughout the buildings. 

Your kids will love getting to learn about and love to read books, and you’ll enjoy helping them connect with a new form of entertainment that doesn’t require a screen.

To Explore Nature

Nature is one of the best ways to feel a connection to the natural world around us, regardless of where we are. One of the best places to view nature in Milwaukee is the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory! Also known as ‘The Domes’ because of the stunning shape of this structure, your children will feel like they’re exploring a magical garden as they discover new plant after new plant.  

Milwaukee is an Incredible City for All Ages!

Every city has countless options for adults to stop and enjoy themselves, but kids deserve to have fun too! Consider stopping at some of these locations so your kids can have the time of their lives.

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