The gaps in the traditional financial industry, it has raised the question about cryptocurrencies that would lead as market leaders in the coming years. RoboApe Token (RBA) has emerged as a newbie crypto token. It has the potential to supersede Bitcoin. It will come as a surprise to you that what is so special about this new cryptocurrency token has the potential to compete with Bitcoin ahead. 

The events of early May came as shocking for most crypto investors around the world, showing the collapse of Terra Luna, losing 18 billion dollars from the market overnight. It came as a devastating event in crypto history. Led by Jerome Powell, the FED (The Federal Reserve System) has escalated the interest rates by fifty basis points in May as an effort to stop the ongoing inflation. However, it seems too late now. The crypto asset class has been prone to price volatility has led to a massive decline. 

How RoboApe Token is competitive with the crypto king Bitcoin?

Before we glide on to know about RoboApe Token and how well it seems competitive with the foremost cryptocurrency Bitcoin, let us know about the latter first. Witnessing the bearish period for cryptocurrencies, the global popular crypto Bitcoin has fallen to its low at $19,089.42. It is much lower in comparison to its all-time-high at $69K in November last year. 

In early May, it traded around $40K, but by the end of the month, it came down to 70%. The main problem that has caused this is the conflict in Ukraine disrupting the supply chain and instability in geopolitical around the globe. Moreover, it has led to a rise in interest rates dampening conventional markets. This is how Bitcoin has been affected and has prompted the downward graph of Terra Luna.

The volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies has made investors remind of how the price of Bitcoin can swing so rapidly. The Fear and Greed Index is currently standing at 11 and is known to be a reliable statistic for measuring the current market attitude, which is highly bearish at present.

Now coming to the new crypto token, RoboApe (RBA) project is an upcoming meme token. RoboApe is a project that rearranges the present crypto processes by removing the incentives of the team. It aims to be a venture driven by a community providing its customers with several opportunities for investment to bring changes in the crypto industry. This sets it apart from the usual humorous form of meme tokens, escalating their utility.

What does RoboApe (RBA) offer to its customers?

RoboApe (RBA) is a crypto platform that facilitates its customers with education on crypto, gaming, decentralized finance, Decentralized exchange, and eSports. Adding on to it is the opportunity to access smart contracts, DApps creation, and constant growth. Like every crypto platform has a native cryptocurrency for trading, RBA is to the RoboApe platform. 

This ERC-20 meme token provides numerous benefits to the investors like participation in DAO and governance, rewarding for token holding, becoming part of NFTs trading and mining, plus giving incentives for being part of eSports. As stated, this makes RoboApe stands apart from other crypto meme tokens on the BTC market. 

RoboApe (RBA) is intending to become the next preferred commodity allowing customers more alternatives to investment and facilitating pure entertainment. There are two valuable mechanisms for investing in cryptocurrency. These are portfolio analysis and research. Involving both would pave a long way further in guaranteeing profitability for the long term. 

More about RoboApe

Just the same as a technology-run industry, cryptocurrency also come up with daily new different innovations. The meme token sector is also one such new project. With the mention of meme tokens, the names of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu pop up in the mind. And it is now unknown to every crypto enthusiast that the journey of these mentioned began their journey as crypto meme jokes. Usually, these tokens are considered jokes and are not taken seriously as they do not have any specific application in reality. But in the last year, it was surprising to see the rise in the value of the meme tokens drawing the interest of investors. 

This development, paved the emergence of more new projects rebuilding the meme token niche, as we all are aware of it. RoboApe (RBA) is one big example of a meme token project. Looking at its features and planning, it is expected to eclipse two big crypto projects, Ethereum Classic and Elrond. 

Final words

RoboApe (RBA) comes as a new crypto meme token project rearranging the present crypto tools by cropping the team incentives. Its main objective is being the project driven by the community and wants to bring change in the cryptocurrency space. RoboApe also facilitates its users with multiple options for investment. And this is something that makes it distinctive from the usual crypto meme tokens. Log on to the Cryptoknowmics, and know about the Luna price prediction for the current and coming years.