Launched in the UK on 18 May 2009, the Scrap Metal Scheme was aimed at boosting the UK car industry. Owners of vehicles over the age of 10 are entitled to a brand new vehicle for less than £ 2,000. Despite initial criticism, more than 38 producers have signed up for the scheme, but many are wondering how the scheme works.

Simply put, the new end-of-life vehicle scheme is based on subsidies where both the government and the individual car manufacturer give £ 1,000 of a new car. To take advantage of the new scheme, vehicle owners must also pass various official inspections.

What is required?

First, the scheme applies only to Skrotpræmie and delivery vans weighing less than 3.5 tons. Vehicles must also be registered by July 31, 1999 and have late T-plates. Vehicle owners must also be the registered owner of the vehicle for more than one year before they can take advantage of the scheme. The vehicle to be replaced must have a valid APK certificate.

How to profit?

To take advantage of the scheme, people have to take their old vehicles to a dealer and provide them with the necessary documents. Think about protocols and APK certificates. The dealer will then inspect the documents and the vehicle and send them to their choice upon receipt.

Merchants must also receive a government car ticket. This entitles you to support.

The scheme will run until February 2010 and the government has allocated £ 300 million to the scheme. The scheme will benefit not only car users, but also car rescuers, whose market value has risen sharply.

Should I get conflict insurance?

 Overall, the good faith idea of ​​the ascendant is not enough; allows your insurance company to repair any physical purchase to your vehicle. However, this is an expensive element of any policy. If your car is new (or rented; most rental companies require it), you can be shown it. However, if your car is very large, you can save some money with an emergency evacuation, but in case of catastrophes accident, you should be v to move the car.

What are the statements made to me?

There are two hands to find what your buildings the Internet. They go to your car’s website and look for car insurance. The company is involved in the company. To this culture, the peacock is difficult to access, we have a German or police department.

Are there any new vehicles that are not in use?

Depending on the situation, or in the case of an uninsured vehicle. However, even in states where this is not required, it would be an acceptable option to purchase this additional rule. It is not possible for a third party to pay interest on the financial protection of a third party.

What about crowns?

 It is very common to have an intelligent politician involved in every crisis and in life. A good thing to add to your policy is easy travel, towing, but best of all, the same size car that you can use for you and your family when you upgrade your car. He said he got a job.

 How do I know what works for me?

No one can answer this question better than you. It is plural to consider when buying car insurance. This policy is based on the specific policies of the Member States. The best way to find out which policy is right for you is to educate yourself. Learn frames; get acquainted with concepts such as deductions and expenses etc.

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